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Synonyms for steward

Synonyms for steward

someone who manages property or other affairs for someone else

the ship's officer who is in charge of provisions and dining arrangements

an attendant on an airplane

a union member who is elected to represent fellow workers in negotiating with management

References in classic literature ?
The chief steward, who considered the young count's attempts almost insane- unprofitable to himself, to the count, and to the serfs- made some concessions.
He did not know that where the steward had shown him in the accounts that the serfs' payments had been diminished by a third, their obligatory manorial work had been increased by a half.
The next day the steward asked to speak to me in private.
I went immediately with the steward to speak with his daughter myself.
If you call this laying, master, you are welcome to the eggs,” roared the steward.
Jones’ voice, the steward ceased his employment, and Hiram had an opportunity of raising his discomfited visage toward the mediator.
And the steward followed the notary out of the room.
No, excellency, no," returned the steward, with a sort of nervous trembling, which Monte Cristo, a connoisseur in all emotions, rightly attributed to great disquietude.
Go thou and fetch it thine own self," quoth the Steward.
And, so saying, he strode to the pantry and tried to open the door but found it locked, whereat the Steward laughed and rattled his keys.
Take my word for it, Steward, they will never think of choosing the purple ornaments.
Still, you are acting foolishly by running the chance," continued the Steward, roughly; "and it is still more foolish of you to transform all those people from Oz into green ornaments.
The tobacco is lighted, and your Majesty is already smoking your pipe," answered the Steward.
The steward impatiently took the paddle away from him and bent to the work.
Saying this he brushed past the steward and tried the door, but it was locked fast; whereat the fat steward chuckled and jangled his keys again.