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a medical instrument for listening to the sounds generated inside the body

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On the basis of a stethoscopic examination they declared that the vada had not killed the dog as they claimed, and it was consequently beaten further by the Europeans, to clinical death.
Home self-monitoring of blood pressure: is fully automated oscillometric technique as good as conventional stethoscopic technique?
Later, the emaciated Laennec embarked on a revised edition of this epochal work with a masterful correlation of stethoscopic sounds and diseases of the chest documented by postmortem findings.
One monitors a stethoscopic acoustic microphone on the neck, and this acoustic signal also serves as an unambiguous marker of a swallow when viewed in conjunction with other types of data.
48) Although the reason for the increase in cerebral palsy in the EFM group remains unclear, physicians and researchers have speculated that the lower incidence of cerebral palsy in the auscultation group was due to the value of interpreting heart rate readings in the one-to-one, clinician-to-patient context that stethoscopic auscultation requires.