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a paddle steamer having the paddle wheel in the stern

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Wood camps sprang up along the river to provide fuel for the sternwheelers during their journey.
By the early 1900s there were about 350 sternwheelers on the Yukon River and other major rivers in North America.
Sternwheelers traveled the upper Columbia throughout the year except during especially cold winters when thick ice hampered their passage.
In 1937, the sternwheeler 'Keno' made 39 round trips from Mayo to the Yukon River and transported about 8150 t, second only to the 10,800 t moved in 1922.
The mechanical mascot of the city, the historic Belle of Louisville is one of the last authentic sternwheelers in the country.
Before the end of the decade, he had left High River for the south-eastern Alberta town of Medicine Hat where, true to his nautical name, he became involved in the building of steam-powered sternwheelers.
Rather than opulent passenger vessels, Ross launched boats like the 87-foot sternwheeler Nipawin and the screw steamer Sam Brisbin to connect outlying lumbering and mining operations with the railhead at The Pas.
Indeed, who can forget colourful figures like Captain John Segers, who piloted sternwheelers from the Mississippi to the Yukon to the Nile, where he participated in the Gordon Relief Expedition, only to end his career in Nome, Alaska, in 1903, when a tidal wave deposited his last command, high-&-dry on top of a warehouse?
Throughout the hulks, sternwheelers and other craft are lovingly described, and we read of the problems and hazards of navigation on the Niger, the technical aspects of loading and fuelling river boats, and all sorts of details about the annual trading season on the Benue and Gongola.
Sternwheelers and hovercraft also link the two areas for exploring by water.
As one of the authentic sternwheelers from the Riverboat Discovery tours churns by, try and make a choice from among the restaurant's acclaimed "18 feet of desserts.
Sternwheelers and canyon cats; whitewater freighting on the Upper Fraser.
For the Binkley family of Fairbanks, who own Riverboat Discovery, navigating sternwheelers through shifty river waters is as real today - and as fantastic - as it was for Mark Twain when he described life on the Mississippi River long ago.
From sternwheelers and dog sleds in the early years, to airplanes, trucks, trains, and (in nearby Nenana) modern tugs and barges, Fairbanks continues to provide shipping services to much of Alaska's remote landmass.