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the flat bone that articulates with the clavicles and the first seven pairs of ribs

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Caroline Buchanan, a five-time mountain bike world champion who has also won the BMX world title three times, said her lungs had collapsed and she had broken her sternum and nose in a car crash.
Layla could have a custom-made chest brace, which would gently press against her sternum, to help reshape her chest as she grows.
To assess the correlation between transcutaneous bilirubinometer readings at the sternum with total serum bilirubin levels in evaluating jaundice in newborns more than 32 weeks of gestation cared in the Newborn nursery at Govt.
Subsequently, a personalized “X-shaped” supporting garment was accoutred for 3 months to stimulate adherence of the presternal skin to the sternum [Figure 1]d.
While they administered emergency CPR, Ted suffered 12 cracked ribs and a damaged sternum.
broken ribs and broken sternum are in slightly better shape
Additionally, the shoulder blades attach to the sternum via the clavicles.
The jockey suffered a fractured sternum and bleeding on his liver in a fall at Stratford yesterday.
James O'Connor suffered a scare with a sternum injury sustained against the Blues that seems likely to rule him out at least one match for Melbourne Rebels.
A 23-year-old male passenger from the Redcar area who was travelling in the Vauxhall Astra was detained in hospital with a fractured sternum.
She was checked by a medical examiner who confirmed that she had bruises on her sternum and the inner side of her left thigh.
Approximately 75% of chest wall chondrosarcomas arise from the costochondral junction of the ribs and sternum.
A pathologist told murder jurors the blow to Mr Wilson's chest was delivered with such force it completely cut through his sternum, or breast bone.
Wires remain the best choice to hold the sternum together for healing after open-heart surgery.