sternocleidomastoid muscle

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one of two thick muscles running from the sternum and clavicle to the mastoid and occipital bone

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the two heads of sternocleidomastoid can be difficult, especially in obese and short necked patients, whereas posterior approach requires identification of only the bulk of sternocleidomastoid muscle.
8x5 cm, well defined mass located anterior to the left sternocleidomastoid muscle and two other smaller lesions approximately 1 cm deeper.
Parathyroid glands were transplanted in the sternocleidomastoid muscle once we found that the blood supply to the glands was compromised.
Topographic variation of the sternocleidomastoid muscle in a just been born children.
Another useful test to differentiate organic from non-organic weakness is the sternocleidomastoid muscle group test.
5 cm above the clavicle at the level of the 6th cervical vertebra at the triangular localization between the clavicle and posterolateral line of the sternocleidomastoid muscle.
65) Type 1 anomalies are anterior to the sternocleidomastoid muscle and deep to the platysma (Figure 11), while type 2 lesions, which are the most common type, are found deep to the sternocleidomastoid muscle, superficial to the carotid sheath (Figures 11 and 12).
During the 2009 and 2010 years, a multidisciplinary group of Brazilian researchers in electromyography with extensive experience in research and clinical area, met periodically to discuss the needs of a specific protocol for sEMG analysis of cervical muscles, more precisely, to the Sternocleidomastoid muscle (SCM), and upper fibers of trapezius muscle.
Dhall suggested that the highest incidence is on the left side for the majority of the right-handed population, as the right sternocleidomastoid muscle is stronger and would tend to tilt the head towards the opposite side.
The puncture site of the skin was 1 cm lateral to the sternocleidomastoid muscle, which is a conventional puncture site for CVC insertion using the classical supraclavicular approach without the ultrasound (3).
Cervical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) showed a heterogenous solid mass between the submandibular gland and sternocleidomastoid muscle.
A 24-year-old Lithuanian woman was referred to the general surgery clinic with an interest in neck surgery by her GP for further investigation of a right-sided neck swelling, along the full length of the sternocleidomastoid muscle (Fig.
CMT is caused by idiopathic, unilateral shortening of the sternocleidomastoid muscle and a sternocleidomastoid pseudotumour may be clinically apparent (Cheng et al, 2000).
Second branchial anomalies occur in the mid to lower portion of the neck along the anterior sternocleidomastoid muscle.
The muscle with the longest name is the sternocleidomastoid muscle.
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