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Synonyms for sterilized

free or freed from microorganisms

Synonyms for sterilized

made infertile

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The pouches made by this company are utilized to pack several sterilized medical devices, especially those which are lightweight and low profile.
As the SIT for Aedes mosquitoes is still being developed in the Philippines, researchers are focusing on the improvement of rearing protocols, studying various radiation doses at which sterilized male mosquitoes are still capable of competing for mates with mosquitoes in the wild, mosquito fertility and population dynamics, among others.
Researchers sterilized does on an 1,100-acre portion of the Cornell University campus in New York.
Sterilized or not, the hot water and chemicals can increase pain and worsen the infection, she added.
With its patented design, the prefilled dispensing system can be EtO sterilized, maintaining the integrity of both the uncured implantable silicone and its pack aging.
Even though the Ecolean Air Aspetic packaging is sterilized before it gets to the plant, the outside of the packaging may become contaminated during transport.
Researchers in Australia bred and sterilized 20 million of the male mosquitoes by injecting a bacteria known as Wolbachia.
It is said that there are approximately 50,000-60,000 dogs in the city, of which, around 50-60 dogs are sterilized every day.
bacteriophora (Poinar)] were applied to non-sterilized and sterilized soil either with or without tomato plants and roots.
The surface sterilized seeds of both cultivars were cultured on MS medium and data was recorded for contamination free seeds and germination ratio.
A bench headed by justice Dipak Misra took note of the submission of amicus curiae ( senior lawyer assisting the court) in the case that though all acts and rules provide for sterilization of dogs so that safety of the human beings is not jeopardised, they are not being sterilized by the authorities, either for lack of funds or due to apathy.
Then, in order to examine the growth and to draw the growth curve of the bacterium in samples at different times under sterilized and nonsterilized conditions, mineral and tap waters were sampled, and after preparing a dilution by surface plate count in BHI Agar, it was incubated at 30 C[degrees] for 24 hours (14).
These infections can be the direct result of entry from the removal of the cuticle barrier or improperly cleaned and sterilized instruments.
Mike Schafers, Vice President, Global Marketing, Pharmaceutical Packaging Systems, at West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., explained the risk related to injectables that are not properly sterilized: "Injectables are injected--they are put into the human body directly, while pills go through the gastrointestinal system (which knows how to deal with bacteria).
Czech Human Rights Minister Jiri Dienstbier has introduced a bill that would allow the Czech Republic to offer financial compensation and medical treatment for women in the country who were illegally sterilized between 1966 and 2014.