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made infertile

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5kg) | Special equipment: Preserving pan, sugar thermometer, sterilised jars and sealants | Shelf life: 2 years | 1kg raspberries | 1kg preserving or granulated sugar | Juice of one lemon Layer the raspberries and sugar in the preserving pan.
An HIV-positive woman has filed a complaint against Chile in the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights, charging that the government failed to protect her from being sterilised without her knowledge or consent immediately after she gave birth.
The sterilising system is believed to be the first of its kind, allowing clinical waste to be fully sterilised to the required environmental standards prior to shredding and disposal to landfill.
The government recommends such equipment is sterilised before or after every feed.
Janet Small, spokesperson, said: "We've sterilised over 1,000 cats this year in association with Dubai Municipality.
Women participating in a workshop in Windhoek in January have reported being forcibly and unknowingly sterilised because of their HIV status; robbing them of their right to motherhood.
They are litter trained, vaccinated and sterilised, and we'd prefer to home them together if possible.