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three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina

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With this novel system, collimation is generated through stereoscopy, head motion detection, and the use of 3D glasses mimics looking through a legacy HUD, but without the risk of losing the image due to a small eyebox.
Development of digital broadcast technology: From handycam to stereoscopy, from capture card to cut in web 2.
Subsamples were taken with Hensen-Stemplel pipette and transferred to bogorov plates for enumeration and identification of principal zooplanktonic groups (LUDWIG, 1993), under a stereoscopy microscope.
Johnston notes that, 'it became a frequent concern for 3-D critics [that] the illusion of visual immersion promised by stereoscopy [was] anathema to cinema's existing ability to immerse audiences through narrative'.
The market is segmented into: Anaglyphy, Stereoscopy, Auto-stereoscopy, Holography and Volumetric displays.
The technology has evolved from stop-motion, claymation and animatronics to greenscreens, CGI and animation, full 3D environments, motion capture and stereoscopy.
Here he fully develops his hallmark style, which he terms stereoscopy, the aim of which is to perceive an object with one sense organ while simultaneously obtaining two sense qualities from it.
Along with newcomer Jinx (Elodie Yung), these returning characters figure prominently into the picture's finest moment, a fight scene in the Himalayas that employs wirework and stereoscopy to highly vertiginous effect.
In her essay, "Old Tropes in New Dimensions: Stereoscopy and Franchise Spectatorship," Caetlin Benson-Allott argues that directors of recent franchise horror films have exploited 3-D in order to offer spectators a new mode of identification not just with individual films, but with the very seriality of the ongoing franchise.
Among their topicsare the light microscope, image capture, the confocal microscope,aberrations and their consequences, deconvolution and imageprocessing, stereoscopy and reconstruction for three-dimensionalimaging, fluorescent staining, evanescent wave microscopy, and beyondthe diffraction limit.
He's also completed his astrophysics PhD in 2007, and is a dedicated animal activist, and is a keen exponent of stereoscopy, an early form of 3D photography.
Away from music, he completed his astrophysics PhD in 2007, more than 30 years after starting it, is a dedicated animal activist, and is a keen exponent of stereoscopy, an early form of 3D photography.
SEM-based stereoscopy claims a vertical resolution down to 25 nm.
For the first time some gallery work showcased Stereoscopy images created by the students viewed with 3D Glasses.
17) (Lumiere actually re-shot and re-presented this film in stereoscopy to the French Academy of Sciences in 1935.