stereoscopic vision

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three-dimensional vision produced by the fusion of two slightly different views of a scene on each retina


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Vertebrate animals use their stereoscopic vision to perceive depth.
As an introduction to enhancing stereoscopic vision, students can participate in nature walks or treasure hunts to locate examples of geometry in nature.
So, Saxena is building on methods he previously developed to turn a flat video camera image into a 3-D model of the environment using such cues as converging straight lines, the apparent size of familiar objects and what objects are in front of or behind each other -- the same cues humans unconsciously use to supplement their stereoscopic vision.
The topics include forward projection for use with iterative reconstruction, comparing focus measures under the influence of various factors affecting their performance, stereoscopic vision for off-road intelligent vehicles, stereo vision for robots that detect and suppress fires in buildings, using three-dimensional scanner techniques in the morphological study of meteorite impact rocks, and subject-independent facial expression recognition from three-dimensional face models using deformation modeling.
It does so with the help of facial and object recognition software and two cameras to give it stereoscopic vision.
By analyzing the color, position, and motion characteristics of 2D video, WinDVD Pro 11 can render the video in stereoscopic 3D with special compensations for vertical and horizontal stereoscopic vision.
Italy's Surgica Robotica worked with University of Verona to develop Surgenius, a surgical stereoscopic vision robot.
In reading Andrade Tudela's work at the intersection of these two references we may find a good indicator of the nuance he commands, a kind of stereoscopic vision in itself: one eye trained on the codification of an aesthetic and social history, and the other on its emancipation.
And since 3D needs stereoscopic vision from two "eyes", all 3D gadgets will have faces.