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an optical device for viewing stereoscopic photographs

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Most aerial photos are taken in such a manner that they actually are intended to be viewed in stereo pairs with a handy little device known as a stereoscope.
Hankins and Silverman end their discussion of the stereoscope by noting that Galileo identified the eye as a less than ideal optical instrument.
The mirror stereoscope found a place in most middle class homes in the United States and in Europe, where people viewed everything from panoramas of far-off places to re-enactments of the great events of the time.
Larvae infected with nematodes were observed with a stereoscope (Leica G26, Barrington, New Jersey, USA) and compound microscope (Carl Zeiss, Jena, Germany) for identification of the nematodes with the taxonomic keys in Nickle (1972) and Nguyen & Smart (1996).
A tropometer, from 1909, which was a brass telescopic device used to STEREOSCOPE UP FOR AUCTION FIRST World War battle scenes which were sold by a Northumberland post office will be auctioned today.
Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope Quanta 200 with a Zeiss stereoscope binocular microscope was used for the present study.
As creator in 1860 of the hand-held stereoscope, Holmes had provided the public with access to the mass of three-dimensional images that photographers were producing; however, by the time he wrote his piece for the Atlantic, the landscapes and exotic personages so often depicted in these images had been displaced by the Civil War dead.
Today, digital media's renewal of the fashion for 3-D in cinema motivates a historical leap back to the stereoscope and its influence on the emergence of cinema.
Unlike in stereoscope [or 3D] where using glasses you create a feeling of depth, here it is by really moving into the image that you can really feel this notion of three dimensions.
The "Charles Wheatstone Award" was named after Sir Charles Wheatstone, an English physicist who invented the Stereoscope and advocated stereoscopic imaging back in early 19th century.
Laura Hypp|nen spoke about her company Stereoscope, which offers 3-D production services to the film, television, advertising and fashion industries.
Zooplankton samples were analysed under an optical microscope and a stereoscope with 1 ml chambers.
Once the glue has dried, examine the mounted specimen with the stereoscope at high magnification.
They consider the multi-media character of devices ranging from the stereoscope to television, including automata, digital art, wireless radio, curiosity cabinets, and early film exhibition.
Armchair Traveler embraces virtual travel from the easy chair through a myriad of special 3-D effects, including the stereoscope and stereographs, as well as View-Masters with their accompanying reels.