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a sister who has only one parent in common with you

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He said that the defendant also shot the stepsister in the back, severed his aged-mother and left them to die.
It happened when the baby, his mum and stepsister were on their way to a wedding on Saturday.
Her cousin Pamela, the youngest daughter of her father's stepsister Hilda, contacted Denise after seeing the article, "When she first called she joked that maybe we'd come into some money and wanted to share it!
Her stepfather and stepsister were taken to hospital and treated but released yesterday.
THE WAIT GOES ON Christopher Rochester's mother Pam, stepfather George Cummings and stepsister Liz
Presenting 140 photographs and documents, as well as catalogue essays by Patrice Allain, Tirza Latimer, and the curators, this show aligns Cahun's images with her literary works, her politics, and her collaboration with her lover and stepsister, Marcel Moore.
Fiona Marshall - the stepsister of Carphone Warehouse tycoon David Ross - felt "upset" and would become "shaky and nervous" after arguments with 37-year-old Alex Marshall, Birmingham Crown Court was told.
Larry King returns to voice the ugly stepsister barmaid Doris once again in this summer's Shrek the Third, but don't tell the antigay Christian right.
TELLY funnyman Russell Brand looked just like Elvis Presley when he was a teenager, his secret stepsister has revealed.
My dad and new stepmom took me ice skating with them and my stepsister. I thought it would be fun, but it wasn't.
Charlotte Church's estranged stepsister Elisha wants to be reunited with her pop star relative.
The German Grimm Brothers' "Cinderella" has her sisters slice off their toes to fit their large feet into the glass slipper (121); Charles Perrault's French version of the story in "Donkeyskin" has the father go mad with desire for his beautiful daughter (110); a Japanese variant shows the stepsister "dragged around in a basket, [tumbling] over the edge of a deep ditch, and [falling] to her death" (101).
Stephanie recently had graduated from college and had lived in the apartment for about 10 months with two female roommates, one of whom was her stepsister. At about 3:30 p.m.
"I have a stepbrother and a stepsister, older, but up until fourth or fifth grade I was by myself.