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the wife of your father by a subsequent marriage

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But she was afraid of the stepmother, and begged the King to let her stay just one night more in the castle in the wood.
Ona longed to cry out and tell her stepmother to stop, that it was all a trap; but there seemed to be something clutching her by the throat, and she could not make a sound.
It was hours before the excitement could be calmed; and all through that cruel night Jurgis would wake up now and then and hear Ona and her stepmother in the next room, sobbing softly to themselves.
My stepmother didn't worry much; she used to wear pink dresses all over lace, and the older she got the prettier the dresses got.
The two children had also not been able to sleep for hunger, and had heard what their stepmother had said to their father.
Sometimes a day is a stepmother, sometimes a mother.
In other words, she had recently been raised to the position of Lord Winwood's second wife; his lordship conferring on the bride not only the honors of the peerage, but the additional distinction of being stepmother to his three single daughters, all older than herself.
And he greeted his future stepmother with propriety.
I am not intimidated, like your father and your stepmother. So you can come back or go to the devil: which you please.
TAXILA -- A man killed his stepmother and injured stepsister in Attock on Tuesday.
Throughout the years, Prince William and Prince Harry have also gotten close to their stepmother. And Meghan Markle's husband recently said that it's not true that Camilla is a "wicked stepmother."
A man identified as Nsanzamahoro, 25, said to be suffering from mental disorder has beheaded his stepmother accusing her of bewitching him.
But I could see his health was deteriorating fast so I involved the police who forced him to go to hospital.My stepmother was at his side all along but strangely, she refused to tell me what was ailing him.
Gunmen have struck Muchalla ward in Mubi North Local Government of Adamawa State, where they went straight to the family house of the senator representing Adamawa North senatorial zone, Ishaku Abbo and kidnapped his nursing stepmother, Madam Rifkatu Ishaku.
Summary: Hyderabad (Telangana)[India], May 1 (ANI): A police constable allegedly murdered his stepmother over a property dispute, the police said here on Wednesday.