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a child of your spouse by a former marriage

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Both his child and his stepchild are over 18 and working, so they have little chance of challenging the way the estate now has to be handled.
We used to have my stepchild more but over the years the mother has done her best to get this reduced, even in court.
A stepchild is the child of one spouse but not the other.
Hurting the movement to computer-based systems in this arena has been the stepchild role that quality still plays in the auto industry.
Florida's overburdened juvenile justice system -- often shamefully treated as the stepchild of the court system -- should be reformed and strengthened, Florida Supreme Court Justice Harry Lee Anstead said at a national training conference.
It may turn out that the biennial is the stepchild of the Whitney's "American Century" survey, widely criticized for its lack of a coherent mission.
Entry into stepchild status in a sense normalized one's family situation, but the effect on the life chances of the child, at least as depicted in fairy tales, was not always happy.
Charles Krulak, the commandant of the Marine Corps, likes to ask, "Are we going to have Son of Desert Storm or the Stepchild of Chechnya?
The election result represents a massive rejection of Thatcherism and its stepchild, Majorism.
Hotel investments, once the industry's stepchild, have enjoyed a Cinderella-like turnaround that is still playing out.
In "Notes on a Stepchild," Thurman depicts himself as a precocious, introspective child whose early sense of isolation was further exacerbated by frequent illnesses and a dark complexion.
If the child is related to the taxpayer by blood or adoption or is a stepchild, the law requires the qualifying child to live in the same household as the taxpayer for more than six months of the tax year.
I also think that here, in FAO, where forestry has been some kind of stepchild for so long, you are the right man to take it out of that status.
For years there has been a growing movement within the engineering community to push for development of a technological analog to the National Science Foundation (NSF) -- largely owing to a suspicion that engineering was never likely to rise above its stepchild status in an agency whose primary responsibility was a fostering of basic research in the pure sciences.
Add into the mix the fact that she's a stepchild herself, plus the added complication that her eldest stepson George is just 12 years her junior, and you soon shake off the model stereotype to realise she might actually know what she's talking about here.