step-down transformer

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a transformer that reduces voltage

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At a substation, the step-down transformer will have an
Since electric current flowing through the power line still has a very high voltage, it needs to pass through a step-down transformer. A step-down transformer lowers the voltage of electric current.
Request for quotations : purchase of electrical products (fluorescent lamp with g24d-2 socle, step-down transformer 220 / 12v)
Contract Awarded for SV19-02-005CEB Procurement of One (1) Time Preventive Maintenance Services for Six (6) Units Step-down Transformer
A step-down transformer for 5-v operation costs extra.
Because electrical appliances can't handle so much power, the voltage is reduced to a few thousand volts at a step-down transformer before it's delivered to homes and businesses.
A step-down transformer built into an out-of-the-way corner of your setup can provide safe 6- or 12-volt AC power for a heated dewcap and eyepiece warmers.
Ferroresonant chargers use a ferroresonant step-down transformer, resonating capacitors, and silicon diodes: they are one of the simplest designs available.
The phones use a 24-volt operating system for lower installation costs and are also available with a step-down transformer to accept other power sources, The speakerphone technology, user programming capabilities, reliability, vandal resistance, and auxiliary functions offer advantages over line-powered versions.
We also wasted time connecting the recorders to a step-down transformer or a variety of different probes."
Lots of times a bad stator or Step-down transformer is the problem, not the igniter.
The Series SY Dual-Voltage Hot Runner System includes a mainframe cabinet with fused circuit breaker/disconnect, step-down transformer, and floor stand.
If you work on site why not also order our UK manufactured step-down transformer for powering your 110V Breaker off-site from the 230V mains?