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a stool that has one or two steps that fold under the seat

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The step stool painting session had 25 women and one man," says Chetna.
Do yourself a favor and invest in a new step stool, and talk to your family about how to use it properly, ft could be your best investment ever
Now, with the three-legged step stool, an elementary education has prepared a student to approach all learning in the future.
In contrast to the older style, which converted from a chair to a step stool and then to an ironing board, this chair makes it easy to transition from sitting to accessing the step stool feature of the chair.
Styles H--J are collapsible, 316 SS Step Stool Covers Step Stool Size Cat.
Disney Mixed Characters Step Stool / Training Seat, was PS5, now PS2.
In the garden, I find myself sitting on a plastic step stool as I work my way down the rows weeding and picking at the same time.
99, Dunelm Mill; Bekvam step stool, PS14, Ikea; vintage green dust pan and brush, PS4.
The 27-inch-tall, 18-pound Bri uses a step stool when she has to hit the sack.
Shift winners: Aiden Borer of Lake Stevens won first place for "Stack," a reading bench with an incorporated book display; Matthew Lider of Bellevue was second for the "Arc Step Stool," a three-legged stool designed to allow children to better view the Spark museum's collections; and Kathleen Mahon of San Antonio, Texas, won third place for "Incite," a children's book shelf and display.
The base, with a non-skid surface, holds more cartons/cases, trash receptacle or step stool," Retail Handling Solutions reports, "[and] the unit's "footprint" is 35" x 24", making stocking during business hours possible.
Your attitude toward decorating can spell the difference between success, and a trip to the emergency room, because you're more apt to reach too far, take unnecessary chances and improvise (using a bucket instead of a step stool or ladder) ways to cut corners just to get the job done.
The chair's second function allows it to be flipped to become a step stool, alleviating the temptation for teachers to stand on chairs and tables to decorate the walls of their classrooms.
Use a ladder or step stool to reach the top of the blind.
I would take turns with my cousins on the step stool, punching the masa in and squeezing it through my fingers as if it were Play-Doh.