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The man concealed in the niche had also taken a step forward.
This evening, Sir, at seven o'clock,' said Job, taking one step forward.
A few minutes later he called to them to turn about quickly and step forward, and as they obeyed the order they found themselves treading solid ground.
His foot swung a step forward and the weight of his body was behind his fist.
PrimeCell technology is an exciting and novel step forward in the area of stem cell science and regenerative medicine," said Brian K.
This is a nice step forward in the tools options for our customers," said Jeff Bock, Consumer & Industrial Marketing Manager for Freescale's Microcontroller Division.
Tyson, president and chief executive officer, said: "The Warsaw plant sale is another step forward in the execution of our manufacturing improvement plan.
WS-I is taking a significant step forward as it enhances the Basic Profile and provides guidance for interoperable asynchronous and reliable messaging," said Daniel Sholler, Vice President, Application Infrastructure and Middleware at Gartner.
Rick Erikson, the company's General Manager, stated, "The addition of Auroras TV is a giant step forward towards fulfilling the company's stated goal of monthly income of $1,800,000 from the sale of New Screen TV as a 'basic cable' channel across the U.
Major step forward, along with previous MBI acquisition, for 20-20 to deliver its leading end-to-end solution for its targeted industries worldwide.
Paul Carroll, President and CEO of the Company, stated that "this is a very positive step forward for World Wide, which has suffered greatly over recent years as a result of its former uranium mining and marketing investment in Kazakhstan.
BRUSSELS, Nov 12 (KUNA) -- The EU has hailed the visit of Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama to Belgrade on Monday and Tuesday as "an important step forward in relations between the two countries.
Looking to take that next step forward, Wrin is focused on winning a state title as a senior.
MOVES to create a more vibrant start-up culture in the Tees Valley are taking another step forward at Teesside University as part of this year's Global Entrepreneurship Week.
THE news that HIQA are about to launch an investigation into Tallaght Hospital's emergency department is a step forward.