step dancing

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dancing in which the steps are more important than gestures or postures

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Author Melin explores the transmission of step dancing traditions in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, which boasts a thriving Scottish traditional dance community.
for an evening of Christmas and Irish music and step dancing
Step dancing in Newfoundland and Labrador has endured a significant contextual shift in order to remain relevant as both cultural piece and performance genre and it continues to evolve in context and function today, while adhering to Newfoundland's collective identity.
You can't do Irish step dancing for two hours, with no story and no context; it's boring.
Members of the dance school, left, don traditional costumes for step dancing performances and competitions.
The Aardvark Ceilidh Band plugs in for tomorrow night's session and there's a chance to try out some Irish step dancing on Sunday from 10.
Pat played the accordian and did Irish step dancing.
The step dancing includes both Irish and French-Canadian styles at the 49th National Folk Festival in Lowell, Massachusetts, as well as a few brief scenes of couple dances such as the schottische.
Then Irish step dancing might be a big step in the right direction.
Other events include heavy athletics - tossing telephone poles and hammers around - to a Dublin Horse Fair, Dressed to Kilt contest, Duck Herding, yes duck herding, a Celtic Castle for Children, highland and step dancing, and the every woman's favorite event, the bonniest knees contest where men in kilts are judged on their shapely knees by a trio of blind folded lady judges.
Daytime activities include Irish music, step dancing, stories and more.
Do some basic belly dancing, beef up your dance movie history with Hollywood Musicals of the 50s, or sit back and watch some expert Irish step dancing.
Dawnswyr yr Ddraig, from Aberystwyth, winners of the contemporary dance group competition rj070807eisteddfod-; Elliw Mai from Bangor in the Cerdd Dant solo 16-21 rj070807eisteddfod-12; Elen Morgan from Ceredigion won the Solo Recitation from the Scriptures 16-19 competition rj070807eisteddfod-4; Deiniol Jones from Llanelli singing in the boys solo 12-16 competition rj070807eisteddfod-14; Tudur Phillips, a student at Aberystwyth University, won the Boys step dancing rj070807eisteddfod-7aa; Parti Meillion in action during the stepping duet, trio or quartet competition rj070807eisteddfod-18.
The music is married with an unusual form of French Canadian step dancing that dates back to the logging camps of the Ottawa Valley.
Ian and Sue Hartland are known for their lively and often humorous performances of self-penned songs, usually interspersed with some energetic step dancing.