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abnormally constricted body canal or passage


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Patients with anterior crossing vessel and UPJ>2 cm stenosed segment were not included in the study.
By giving input pressure 12,000pa, and 24,000pa the velocity is calculated and used as an input, u = u(t), v = 0 on inflow segment, u = v = 0, on stenosed vessel.
Many investigators have focused their attention on blood flow through stenosed arteries with single stenosis by Mekheimer [2, 3], Chakravarty and Mandal [4], Lee and Xu [5], who pointed out that the mathematical model becomes more accurate in the presence of an overlapping stenosis instead of a mild one.
This new nanocontainer is perfectly stable, except when subjected to the shear stress of stenosed arteries.
By the beginning of the 20th century, there were a number of suggestions that stenosed heart valves might be operated upon surgically.
Nine studies consider such topics as three-dimensional elastomeric scaffolds fabricated by casting in micro end-milled molds, the effect of saline water on the viscosity of blood through stenosed blood vessels using Casson's fluid model, the influence of implant thickness and fixation position in implant stability as observed using finite element analysis, synthesizing and characterizing thermo-sensitive graph-polymer hydrogel from Gleditsia sinensis polysaccharide, cervical spine injuries in vehicle frontal impact, and developing a bio-absorbable glass-reinforced-glass-intra-osseous scaffold for fracture healing.
Balloon Sinoplasty is a technique in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery that involves minimally invasive procedures to dilate the obstructed or stenosed anatomical sinus pathways.
However, a short segment was scarred and completely stenosed.
Therefore 2-D geometries of healthy and stenosed renal arteries were created, as shown in Fig.
Another aspect is the reduction or suppression of the 90 [degrees] angle between the posterior face of the celiac trunk and the subjacent aorta, to visualizing the stenosed segment flattened against the aorta.
Quantitative analyses of the coronary arteriogram was available in 13 patients and confirmed that the additional reversible defects were in myocardial regions supplied by stenosed arteries.
Fifty patients had at least one stenosed coronary artery segment recorded after MSCT coronary angiographic examination, leaving 11 patients without any detected coronary artery stenosis.
In patients with aortic stenosis, von Willebrand syndrome--characterized by skin and mucosal hemorrhage and loss of von Willebrand factor from the blood--appears to result from mechanical obstruction of blood flow through the stenosed valve, said Dr.
Nasal endoscopy identified two distinct small openings in the inferior meatus leading to bilateral stenosed choanae (figure, D).