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a method of writing rapidly

the act or art of writing in shorthand

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Michael's inability to acknowledge that she has become liberated ahead of time and that stenography, silver service, and party management may no longer be part of her repertoire reveals a self-satisfied attitude on Michael's part aimed at keeping her bourgeois.
Kittler writes that in America, prior to the invention of the telegraph, "all poets, secretaries, and typesetters were of the same sex" and only after the Civil War ended in 1865 was the bureaucracy of government mail and stenography opened to "writing women" (184).
This is precisely the sense of the potentiality of meaning: even when we do not decode the stenography immediately, the sense of the multiplicity of referents trailing around the text can elicit a sense of trust in the author, be it Sterne, or Dickens, or Wordsworth, or Joyce.
The valid criteria for being a 'favored' journalist or editor is whether or not this person is fit for sheer stenography," he said.
when I was about halfway through my stenography course [at Union Commercial College in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island].
She attended public schools in Brooklyn where she studied business and excelled in bookkeeping, stenography and typing.
During this time, he studied and became proficient in stenography, a skill that would soon prove critical.
The short statement adds only these details: "Over the years Ellen operated a rooming house, worked in offices, and engaged in public stenography and reporting.
According to police, the deceased Akshay, who was pursuing stenography course from a private institute, was attacked with a sharp edged weapon by his neighbour Suraj ( 21), and sustained wounds in his chest.
The letter instructed the committee to consider the various methods used by court reporters--shorthand, stenography, computer-aided transcription, real-time reporting, audio and digital recording--in its rules.
Duthie (4) and Adele Davidson (5) have thoroughly investigated the use of shorthand or stenography to capture text as performed, but have not, I think, reached any satisfactory conclusions.
Daniele Metilli, a student of digital humanities, along with Giula Accetta, his colleague who knew both the French language and contemporary Italian stenography, managed to unmask the script correctly as a system of shorthand invented by Jean Coulon de Thevenot in the late 1700's.
The book consists of five chapters, it studies history of stenography, and a preface of stenography in Kurdish language and its rules and symbols of the frequently used words in Kurdish, the last chapter is exercise on the use of stenography.
By equipping the young women of Birmingham with the skills of typing, shorthand and stenography, Marie had helped to transform the way the city did business.