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Synonyms for stenography

a method of writing rapidly

the act or art of writing in shorthand

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The passage is sarcastically comic regarding the education of girls of her class; he speaks of "female institutions" run by "spinsters" that serve as preparation for marriage or if that fails, the ability to take stenography (14).
Howard also keeps records of little things in life that delight her imagination, such as the two ladies with brightly colored hair depicted in the page xvi of What is Stenography? She is fond of vibrant colors used boldly in everyday life and needs to find out or imagine why an individual has decided to, for example, dye her hair pink.
Lyons, the legendary curator of the Nieman Foundation, advocated for "interpretative reporting" to overtake the stenography that characterized much coverage of McCarthy.
The eldest daughter of a doctor and school teacher, she abjured college for a quick course in stenography, which she hoped would be her ticket to a life in the big city.
Subjects included typewriting, shorthand, ledger bookkeeping, letter composition, filing, office machine operation, office practice, stenography, secretarial practice, penmanship, business English, economics, and accounting.
Early for-profits made extravagant claims that students can get rich by taking short courses in bookkeeping, banking, commercial law, stenography, penmanship and other subjects.
But stenography, especially when other media outlets are being stenographers of the same event or information, squanders your shrunken remaining resources.
It proposes a inconsistency measures based on Shannon entropy method, it provides a combinational cryptography and stenography concept for strongest secure system.
As mediums took dictation from spirits during seances, "stenography was considered a requisite skill, and spiritualist periodicals often included advertisements for stenography lessons" (Enns 55).
He is ignorant of stenography; all his knowledge has ancient treatises as its source.
In 4LSB Stenography four least significant bits are used for substitution (Moon and Vasnik, 2007).
In the Virginia State Assembly in 1785 a fellow lawmaker, observing Madison carry 36 of his bills in three weeks, marveled that he had "by means perfectly constitutional become almost a Dictator." His obsessive preparation and sedate discipline made him shine two years later at the Philadelphia Convention, where his stenography and speechmaking helped produce not only the Constitution but the immortal records of the debate over it.
The valid criteria for being a 'favored' journalist or editor is whether or not this person is fit for sheer stenography," he said.
Besides Twitter, Johnson's primary platform is GotNews, a crowdfunded startup he launched in early 2014 after denouncing the "stenography" of traditional insider media.
I SAW THE different girls in uniform and I thought: 'Oh, I'd love to do that!' when I was about halfway through my stenography course [at Union Commercial College in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island].