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of or relating to or employing stenography

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Because the Commission doesn't have funding for stenographic services, staffers must transcribe about 12,000 pages of testimony each year from audio tapes, which adds months to the time it takes to complete an investigation and disposition.
See Weizmann's speech at the first session of the twenty-second Congress, December 9, 1946, Twenty-second Congress, Stenographic Report, 11.
1837: Isaac Pitman's stenographic sound-hand, the first shorthand system, was published, price 4d.
'Therefore, I myself, for more questions and inquiry, will answer them as much as I can in detail, and explain or clarify, if necessary, the details which are already available in the transcripts of the stenographic notes forming part of my statement in order to attain the desired outcome of this investigation,' Guban said.
WHEN did Isaac Pitman publish his Stenographic Soundhand system?
1920-1948), juggernauts like MGM, Paramount, and RKO staffed their scenario, story, and stenographic departments with secretaries, typists, and mimeograph machine operators who printed for the entire studio.
OKLAHOMA CITY The Oklahoma Court Reporters Association is offering a free six- to eight-week introductory course in stenographic theory.
(One possible exception is Fishing, in which the intrusion of a balding pool cleaner--whose body is angled toward a seemingly indifferent, imperiously floating pageant queen--might be read as an attempt at class commentary, but with no discernible follow-through.) While the uncertain middle ground Walker occupies may be, virtuously, neither moral nor neutral, it is perhaps stenographic in its curiosity about the private lives of other women--one that bends more toward the film character Jeanne Dielman than Real Housewives in its insistence on the unbearable melancholy of white, suburban tedium.
The British Stenographic Journal of February 21, 1879, reported that Hermann Klein, an experienced German observer, had discovered a deep and conspicuous new crater near the Hyginus Rille (known today as Rima Hyginus).
(1) "Court records" mean the contents of the court file, including the progress docket and other similar records generated to document activity in a case, transcripts filed with the clerk, documentary exhibits in the custody of the clerk, and electronic records, video tapes, or stenographic tapes of depositions or other proceedings filed with the clerk, and [begin strikethrough]electronic records[end strikethrough], videotapes [begin strikethrough]or[end strikethrough], stenographic tapes, and electronic records of court proceedings, including electronic records in the form of audio recordings of the English and non- English portions of proceedings interpreted by a spoken language court interpreter when such audio recordings are required to be made and retained by law or rule of court.
In a simple language and stenographic characters, Sabah Naim creates a charming and ambiguous world," says acclaimed artist Mohamed Abla, describing the primitively composed flowers Naim features in her works.
Morris's edition of Mind, Self & Society, as much as it appeared as a sociological landmark and an attempt to preserve an author from possible, if not probable, oblivion, also inaugurated an intense debate about authorship, since the whole book was based on stenographic transcripts and students' notes of Mead's teachings in social psychology from the late 1920s and early 1930s, rearranged and edited by Morris.
Modell's, Kidstown, American Stenographic, and Rainbow Stores have leased space at Concourse Plaza as part of the rejuvenation of the 25-year-old Bronx mixed-use landmark, announced The Feil Organization, the complex's owner and manager.
"The National Court Reporters Foundation is the charitable arm of the professional association for stenographic court reporters, and VHP is one of its highest-profiled programs.
He listened and took stenographic notes of the trial during the day and debated events with the defense committee--which was coordinating the legal defense of the seven defendants--late into the night.