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someone skilled in the transcription of speech (especially dictation)

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As the actors marveled at the stenographer, she proceeded to type their every word.
According to initial investigations, Karjatkar argued with his wife over his affair with the stenographer at their home on the night of the incident.
She graduated from West Philadelphia High School, and trained as a stenographer.
And then we were into the writers' room with the entire writing staff and a stenographer, just to make sure they got everything.
Three women who worked as a hairdresser, shop assistant and stenographer are seen on the Empress of France in 1956.
As a home for various distribution mechanisms and artistic practices, The Kitchen seemed a perfect site for the dispersion strategies of Seth Price and Kelley Walker, in Freelance Stenographer, 2007, their first collaborative project.
A judge in Florida jailed his own court stenographer for working too slowly.
Walton said the only recording of court proceedings is done by the court stenographer to help ensure an accurate transcript.
Before Shiba there were period novels that were exercises in the imagination set against the backdrop of the past, or historical novels that recounted events as a court stenographer would record a trial.
And Susan Schmidt, a reporter at The Washington Post, often seemed little more than a stenographer for the steady flow of damaging leaks engineered by Ken Starr's office.
On the other hand, if you are "with us," you're not a journalist--you're just a stenographer.
Either way, he seems to have lost his salt, sounding increasingly like a court stenographer.
He fled Fulton County Courthouse by grabbing a policeman's gun and slaughtering Judge Barnes, 64, a court stenographer and another cop outside.
The staff consisted of one manager and a stenographer in a one-room office rented for $35 per month.