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a shorthand character

a machine for typewriting shorthand characters

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write in shorthand

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While the people who run Elmhurst-based Stenograph LLC are happy with the widespread recognition, they point out that the shorthand transcription machines they've manufactured here since 1938 carry a name that is a registered trademark.
fijna 1988 (The stenograph of the Plenum of CPC Central Committee held on the 10th and 11th October 1988).
Corp., 991 F.2d at 519 (holding digital material copied onto a computer using RAM is a copy under the Copyright Act because it is fixed in nature); Stenograph L.L.C.
Esposito, sitting in Worcester Superior Court, uses a stenograph machine to record proceedings and a laptop instantly translates her stenographer's shorthand into English.
The bride's table held the white four-tier cake topped with yellow roses, her stenograph machine, and Ole Miss memorabilia.
So I went off to check the mint-fresh transcript of a press conference just given by Westwood and taken down at speeds of up to 240 words a minute by a stenograph operator whose "you know" symbols must have been all but worn out at the finish.
The Stenograph Pro Model Writer, submitted by Profile Plastics Inc., shared top honors in the heavy-gage category with BFGoodrich Co.'s Geon Vinyl refrigerator door.
In his most recent case, Martindale represented unhappy students of the Stenograph Institute of Arkansas.
Nonetheless, Stenograph could very well be considered the Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the niche industry of shorthand machines.
Petrov did not hide his stylistic and semantic editing of the stenographs. Grunt, who believed that the conversations should be directed, nevertheless sharply opposed the "Petrov method," arguing "in Petrov's stenographs, we feel Petrov in every hero." "You should not correct the stenograph," he continued.
If you think maintaining the public record is a serious business, the folks at Stenograph want you to know they have a lighter side, too.
At the start of the second semester, 125 students from West Leyden and 50 students from the East campus used the design thinking process and promising technology to create a solution for their business partners G4G Fitness, Lake Book Manufacturing, Leyden Township Parks and Recreation and Stenograph, LLC.
The four community partners that worked with Leyden students are G4G Fitness, Lake Book Manufacturing, Leyden Township Parks and Recreation and Stenograph,LLC.
Presenting a preliminary open exploration, the paper relies both on the main dictionaries of the investigated languages (they are enumerated in the list of references) as well as on the materials taken from the following corpora (2), namely the Corpus of Contemporary Lithuanian (DLKT), the Balanced Corpus of Modern Latvian (LVK2013), the Corpus of the stenographs of sessions of the 5th-9th Latvian Parliament (Saeima-2.0), the Russian National Corpus (NKRJa), and the British National Corpus (BYU-BNC).
The most eligible posts in all the key districts are occupied by names known for sheer, absolute loyalty and "unconditional service." Other names include Erdoy-an's son-in-law, his advisers, lawyers and some journalists, also known as "his majesty's stenographs."