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a sheet of material (metal, plastic, cardboard, waxed paper, silk, etc.) that has been perforated with a pattern (printing or a design)

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mark or print with a stencil

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The investigation analyzed the impact of stencil tension when printing a board application representative of that for a mobile phone with challenging dimensions, including 0.3mm-pitch CSP apertures inside an RF shield.
Most stencils were painted in deep, dark cave areas.
Yield: 2 dozen cookies MATERIALS NEEDED: * Egg-shaped cookie cutter * Reusable stencils * Small stencil brushes * Shimmer Dust in bright colors DIRECTIONS: 1.
Use your stencil brush to add 2/3 coats of paint, remembering to stay within your lines.
Last year, he became the first Scottish artist to be shortlisted for the Stencil Art Prize in Australia with a portrait of the actor Bill Nighy.
Evenly space and stencil the motifs along the center of each fabric border.
We maintain that it possible to achieve better yields using a standard laser-cut stencil, but that rethinking and modifying (or "editing," as the major stencil houses like to say) the Gerber data for the stencil aperture cut can produce better results with fine-pitch.
NanoClear is rapidly becoming the de facto standard in stencil nanocoating technology as it reduces bridging, reduces insufficients, reduces print variation due to crisper more consistent prints and lowers overall operating costs due to reduced under stencil wiping and use of consumables.
I was able to recreate the markings in Photoshop but the costs of the stencil, shipping and insurance was daunting.
Mary Beth Shaw's STENCIL GIRL: MIXED-MEDIA TECHNIQUES FOR MAKING AND USING STENCILS (9781440330179, $24.99) provides crafters with an excellent survey of using stencils in an art studio setting, for both background and foreground details.
If the paint line was painted over, have your mechanic use black CARC paint to stencil a new fill line at the bottom of the filler neck--about 3 inches below the top of the fuel tank.
(Nubby is okay, but something super-raised and shaggy might be harder to stencil.) We found this runner at Ikea.
Now, decades later, his grandson has featured in the gallery, also using stencils. Chris, a Newcastle University zoology graduate, discovered his talent and sold stencil paintings at markets while travelling in Australia, using his old dissection kit to cut the stencils.
Online stencil retailer iStencils has announced it is giving away free printable heart stencils, from 7 through 14 February 2011.