stemming algorithm

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an algorithm for removing inflectional and derivational endings in order to reduce word forms to a common stem

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Immediately after he does that, the system parses the documents, applies the stemming algorithm and the TFIDF formulas and ultimately extracts the most important five key concepts from each file: C11-C15, C21-C25.
33] experimental results show that the suggested hybrid method of statistical and light stemmers is the most suitable stemming algorithm for Arabic language and gives generalization accuracy of about 98%.
Subsequently, the keywords are obtained by employing the stemming algorithm that filters the affixes present in the crawled documents.
Porter's stemming algorithm [16] was applied to remove prefixes and suffixes to obtain word stems.
After traversing the whole document, identifying its words, omitting its stop-list terms and phrases, and identifying its nouns and verbs, a stemming algorithm is applied to each word, in the second phase.