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Synonyms for stemmer

a worker who strips the stems from moistened tobacco leaves and binds the leaves together into books

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a worker who makes or applies stems for artificial flowers

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an algorithm for removing inflectional and derivational endings in order to reduce word forms to a common stem

a miner's tamping bar for ramming packing in over a blasting charge

a device for removing stems from fruit (as from grapes or apples)

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([dagger]) Present address: Kristina Stemmer, PhD, Zeughausstrasse 81, 3902 Glis, CH.
Stemmer Imaging, a Munch-based company with a UK base at Tongham near London, is one of Europe's leading providers of imaging and machine vision technologies.
Alternatively, Krovetz Stemmer removes inflectional suffixes in three steps: the conversion of a plural to its single form, the conversion of past to present tense, and the removal of -ing.
La Gorgona es muy habitual como motivo decorativo en los thoracati (Stemmer, 1978: 162) y, en este caso, se trataria de una Schoner-typus, de tradicion claramente helenistica (Stemmer, 1977: 162 G; Floren, 1977: 177-217).
Post Office owner Peter Stemmer is going to install two computers in his store for the community to use
Stemmer Imaging has won the award for the Most Innovative Machine Vision Project 2013, which is part of the PPMA Group Awards.
"Walburga gave birth to my mother Gertrud Stemmer, on December 8, 1913, but he turned away from her and married Lucie Mollin in 1916," the Daily Mail quoted Pan as saying.
Stemmer Imaging supplies multi- and single-point inspection systems (pictured right) from Dalsa and the CVS Image Station Compact EOS-1000 featuring Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology.
We explore morphological rules for Urdu language and implement these rules to create Urdu stemmer. We implement our proposed technique with different implementations and compare results.
The Town criers taking part are Peter Taunton (Newport), Terry Stubbings (Gainsborough), John Stevens (Alnwick), Anthony Church (Banbury), Cyril Richardson (Walsall), John Robinson (Biddulph), David Jackson (Malton and Norton), Kevin Griffiths (Skipton), Peter Stemmer (Darlington) and Vic Watson (Huddersfield).
Setting up these tables has involved the writing of software, including a stemmer and a pronunciation program implementing a spelling-to-phoneme algorithm.
To overcome this, a number of companies, including UKIVA members, FS Systems, Scorpion Vision and Stemmer Imaging have developed imaging interfaces for robot applications.