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a watch that is wound by turning a knob at the stem

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2, 2003, they heard a stem-winder of a sermon by Ayatollah Ahmad Janati.
29, Massachusetts has proposed a real stem-winder of a statute in the direct shipment arena.
What type of mechanical device might be described as a stem-winder? 8.
Did I mention Pollitt (whom her admirers insist has revitalized their movement's fortunes with this stem-winder) recycles?
Then, the coach went into a stem-winder of a pep talk, telling the Ducks how their success reverberated far beyond Eugene, how they impacted people in ways they couldn't imagine.
As the presidential campaign kicks into high gear, you're not likely to hear any stem-winders on the potential hazards of genetically modified foods.
"If we had any single mistake in 1995," he said, "it was failing to be aggressive enough in reaching past the news media." His three guests delivered stem-winders that regurgitated conservative bromides: Cut taxes, deregulate, destroy liberal parties.