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an undifferentiated cell whose daughter cells may differentiate into other cell types (such as blood cells)

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- Cancer Stem Cell Therapy Clinical Pipeline by Country: More Than 30 In USA
For future developments of stem cell therapy, understanding and controlling TOR activity in stem cells will thus be very important.
In this era of life there is hardly any field of medicine that is untouched by the revolution of stem cells, so is the field of dermatology in which stem cells may prove to be a new armamentarium in treating different chronic and disabling skin diseases.
Stem cells can divide to repair damaged tissues and have the ability to develop into distinct types of cells in the human body.
This special issue presents novel research and concepts that link in vivo stem cell function to the niche, including research on in vitro stem cell niche modelling.
It is clear at this stage in the game that cosmetics manufacturers using plant stem cell ingredients are severely limited in what they can safely claim without potentially drawing unwanted attention from federal authorities and/or plaintiff's lawsuits.
The activated stem cells generate new blood cells of every type to counteract the blood loss or combat the pathogen.
Stem cells. Those words can conjure up many images for those who hear them: cures, death of young human beings, millions and billions of taxpayer dollars, lab-coated scientists, petri dishes, and patients with serious conditions--waiting, hoping, disappointed, or treated.
The upsurge in neurodegenerative ailments, growing investments in R&D, government subsidy and sustenance, advancements in the applications of stem cells, significant growth in medical tourism, and stem cell banking are driving the market.
Stem cells, which have the potential to develop into any kind of specialized cells, have an untold therapeutic potential, and can - if properly exploited - be used to repair tissues and organs throughout a person's lifetime.
Growth in the global stem cell therapy market is driven by factors such as the growing awareness of the therapeutic potency of stem cells in effective disease management, development of advanced genome-based cell analysis techniques, increasing public-private investments for development of stem cell therapies, identification of new stem cell lines, and developments in infrastructure related to stem cell banking and processing.
Three studies published last year demonstrate that several nutraceutical compounds are capable of boosting stem cell function.
11 -- Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of the "Stem Cell Research Products: Opportunities, Tools & Technologies" report to their offering.
Stem cell transplant is a treatment for cancer when cancerous cells are replaced with healthy ones.