stellar parallax

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the heliocentric parallax of a star

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Using a method known as stellar parallax, astronomer Wilhelm Bessel determined that it is among our closest stellar neighbours at only 11.1 light years away.
Bradley, when trying to detect stellar parallax, had discovered light aberration instead (see 1728).
The Copernican theory remained just that until Friedrich Bessel's successful measurement of stellar parallax in 1838.
But their example regarding the first measurement of stellar parallax might inadvertently leave readers with the impression that Friedrich Bessel, who measured the parallax of 61 Cygni in 1838, was scooped by both Thomas Henderson and Wilhelm Struve, who had previously measured the parallaxes of Alpha Centauri and Vega, respectively.
For instance, this second part includes the discovery of planetary motion, the misconception of "fixed" stars, stellar parallax, and Newton's laws of gravitation.
However, even Brahe's sharp eye and advanced instruments proved unequal to the task of detecting stellar parallax.