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any of various small tropical American orchids of the genus Stelis having long slender racemes of numerous small to minute flowers

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The drug product block of Stelis' newly built biomanufacturing facility is expected to start production and contract services by the end of 1Q20.
This collaboration brings together Stelis' end-to-end capabilities in high-yield biopharmaceutical process development from cell line to commercial manufacturing scale with Merck's leading technological expertise in bioprocessing.
The long-term approach can also be seen in Strides' biotech arm, Stelis Biopharma.
Twenty-five cleptoparasitic species (26% of the total number of species; 3% of the total number of individuals) were captured: 4 Sphecodes; 1 Stelis; 2 Coelioxys; 12 Nomada (includes the 6 morphospecies); 4 Triepeolus (includes the 1 morphospecies); and 2 Epeolus.
13 Las estrellas se morian, 13 Lis stelis muribondis, 14 se rosaba la montana, 14 sblancada la montagna; 15 alla en el pozo del huerto 15 ula, tal pos da l'ort, 16 la golondrina cantaba ...
Tonduz Stelis tricuspis 1888-07-31 Paul Biolley 949 Stellaria prostrata 1890-10-31 A.
Los generos Pleurothalis, Stelis, Maxillaria y Epidendrum presentan las mayores frecuencias, siendo los mas numerosos y diversos.
A third century of Stelis of Ecuador; systematics of Apoda-prorepentia; systematics of miscellaneous small genera; addenda, new genera, species, and combinations (Orchidaceae).
stelis (L.) Kuijt leaf 86 Malphigiaceae Tetrapterys discolor (G Meyer) DC.