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any of various small tropical American orchids of the genus Stelis having long slender racemes of numerous small to minute flowers

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The drug product block of Stelis' newly built biomanufacturing facility is expected to start production and contract services by the end of 1Q20.
Fueron publicadas en los "Harvard University Botanical Museum Leaflets" y se trato de tres diferentes especies de Stelis: S.
This collaboration brings together Stelis' end-to-end capabilities in high-yield biopharmaceutical process development from cell line to commercial manufacturing scale with Merck's leading technological expertise in bioprocessing.
Asi mismo, siete de los generos (Epidendrum, Pleurothallis, Oncidium, Prosthechea, Stelis, Trichocentrum y Scaphyglottis) acumularon 33,9 % de las entidades especificas registradas, y el mas rico, Epidendrum, correspondio a 11,3 % de las especies, similar a lo observado para la familia en Colombia y en el Neotropico.
The long-term approach can also be seen in Strides' biotech arm, Stelis Biopharma.
Stelis Biopharma and Biocon Ltd are looking at possible future investments of up to RM583 million when their current facilities in Malaysia are expanded.
Twenty-five cleptoparasitic species (26% of the total number of species; 3% of the total number of individuals) were captured: 4 Sphecodes; 1 Stelis; 2 Coelioxys; 12 Nomada (includes the 6 morphospecies); 4 Triepeolus (includes the 1 morphospecies); and 2 Epeolus.
13 Las estrellas se morian, 13 Lis stelis muribondis, 14 se rosaba la montana, 14 sblancada la montagna; 15 alla en el pozo del huerto 15 ula, tal pos da l'ort, 16 la golondrina cantaba ...
Tonduz Stelis tricuspis 1888-07-31 Paul Biolley 949 Stellaria prostrata 1890-10-31 A.
Los generos Pleurothalis, Stelis, Maxillaria y Epidendrum presentan las mayores frecuencias, siendo los mas numerosos y diversos.
A third century of Stelis of Ecuador; systematics of Apoda-prorepentia; systematics of miscellaneous small genera; addenda, new genera, species, and combinations (Orchidaceae).
stelis (L.) Kuijt leaf 86 Malphigiaceae Tetrapterys discolor (G Meyer) DC.