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an ancient upright stone slab bearing markings


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The STELA test was found to be a more accurate predictor of relapse than any other current prognostic or predictive test.
In contrast, one can read the study of Merenptah's Israel Stela with equal interest.
Stela Nazareth Meneghel, alem de doutora em medicina/ ciencias medicas, com pos-doutorado em psicologia social e ampla trajetoria profissional, tem experiencia na area de saude coletiva em vigilancia da saude, vulnerabilidades, genero e violencias, enquanto Elizabeth Fleury Teixeira, mestra em sociologia, coordena o Comite Nacional Pro-Equidade de Genero e Raca da Fundacao Oswaldo Cruz, entre outras acoes, foi tambem ativista nos grupos de resistencia democratica e pelos direitos das mulheres.
However, some researchers consider the content on the Tempest Stela to be a metaphorical document that illustrated the impact of the Hyksos invasion.
"The narrative of Stela 44 is full of twists and turns of the kind that are usually found in time of war but rarely detected in Precolumbian archaeology," Freidel said.
Leading the UAE's first girls-only football programme is local coach Stela Samuela, a physical education teacher with Gems American Academy in Khalifa City, who is originally from Romania.
Topics include border delineation and the setting of boundary stellae during the Egyptian Middle Kingdom, Egyptian-Canaanite relations in the Second Intermediate Period as reflected by scarabs, relations between Amenhotep II and the Kingdom of Mitanni, archaeological findings at a settlement of the Sherden dated to the reign of Rameses III, parallelism between the biblical passage II Samuel 22 and the Israel Stela of Merneptah, Egyptian influence behind the names of Immanuel in the biblical book of Isaiah, Egyptian influence on the Southern Levant and the Kingdom of Judah during the 26th Dynasty, and the role of civil servants who participated in Egyptian military campaigns.
The background information is followed by a picture and translation of a tablet, stela, inscription, and so forth that is more specific to an individual, many of them historically unknown.
The training was attended by 20 participants in the field of architecture and construction and was taught by three LEED accredited Colliers representatives: Devin Saylor LEED AP, Regional Director of Sustainable Advisory Services for Southeast Europe, Stela Dhami LEED GA, Managing Director and Migena Zace LEED AP, Valuation and Market Research Consultant of Colliers Albania.
* "Stela 1" from La Venta--standing more than eight feet tall, the stela presents a surprisingly naturalislic female figure in a pleated skirt standing in a niche.
Derek Miller of manufacturers WRTL said: "We know the Stela LED product promised so much in terms of what it can do for street lighting, but to see the effect of a properly designed scheme directly compared with conventional lighting in a real street was a fantastic experience."
Jena, her older sister Tatiana, and her younger sisters Iulia, Paula and Stela all have a secret: every month on the night of the Full Moon, they open a secret portal into the Other Kingdom for a night of dancing among fairies, dwarves and trolls.
The stela is intricately carved with the representation of a nine-storey house that is strikingly similar to the architectural style of building still used at Hadramaut in southern Yemen.