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the act of guiding or showing the way


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the act of steering a ship

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Oh, do attend to your steering," said she, smiling round at him; "and don't say any more about this to-day.
In the end Yellow Handkerchief was overcome, and sullenly returned to the steering, while they soundly berated him for his rashness.
According to NHTSA reports [2, 3, 4], excessive steering effort is demanded from driver in the event of EPAS failure, resulting in dozens of crashes and injuries, and a couple of OEM safety recalls in recent years [5, 6, 7, 8, 9].
Effect of Steering Assistance Control by External Information Feedback Control and Chassis Control," SAE Int.
In-Situ Steering Dynamics Analysis of Skid Steering for Articulated Motor-Driven Vehicle," SAE Int.
Steering was accomplished by means of a front tiller wheel.
The increased friction loss torque with motor and reduction mechanism added to steering system makes adverse effects on thevehicle steering performance [4,5].
Automotive Steering Systems Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2015 - 2021
Automotive steering systems have evolved from being rigid to being more flexible, technologically advanced and reliable, smooth, and easy to use.
This new steering technology can make any vehicle easier to maneuver and more fun to drive," he added.
Order master steering gear, NSN 253001-580-3591, and slave steering gear, NSN 2530-01-580-3539, when it's time to replace your truck's steering gears.
HK), a tier one automotive supplier committed exclusively to wheel-to-wheel advanced steering and driveline systems, today announced it will supply the BMW i3 with its single-pinion, electric power steering (EPS) system.
One of the systems that has not been explored for the implementation of DC technology is the steering system.
Assuming the centre of gravity of a vehicle lies within the polygon of road-wheel contact and that castor angles of steered wheels are such that the centre of the road-wheel contact point trails the projection of the road-wheelsteering axis intersect with the ground in the primary direction of travel, then front-wheel steered vehicles will return to straight-line travel if the steering wheel is released (stable).