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Synonyms for steerage

the cheapest accommodations on a passenger ship

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the act of steering a ship

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Half an hour later, returning, from setting the cabin aright, to the steerage for Kwaque to serve him with a bottle of beer, Daughtry observed that Ah Moy had moved his entire bunk belongings across the steerage to the third bunk on the starboard side.
Clean in galley, clean in steerage, clean in everything.
That night, when I had finished an endless amount of work, I was sent to sleep in the steerage, where I made up a spare bunk.
As I sat in my bunk examining it (the six hunters were all in the steerage, smoking and talking in loud voices), Henderson took a passing glance at it.
He had some other ordinary passengers, who quartered in the steerage, and as for our old fraternity, they were kept under the hatches while the ship lay there, and came very little on the deck.
tween-decks of a ship, and send on board as many wretched people as they can lay hold of, on any terms they can get, without the smallest reference to the conveniences of the steerage, the number of berths, the slightest separation of the sexes, or anything but their own immediate profit.
A Dutch ship of 1,000 tonnes was sailing towards the Tyne when it lost steerage and was blown onto the rocks and was in danger of breaking up.
Challenges of Diversity" includes stories of American myths of arrival (pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, slave ships at Jamestown, steerage passengers at Ellis Island), the powerful rhetoric of egalitarian promise in the Declaration of Independence and the heterogeneous ends to which it has been put, and the recurring tropes of multiculturalism over time (e pluribus unum, melting pot, cultural pluralism).
The terrible conditions experienced by refugees travelling steerage, in the bowels of the ship, across the Atlantic, are perhaps not quite so horrific, in comparison, to the sea crossings being made today by countless migrants trying to reach safety from war-torn countries, but the descriptions make the reader think.
Sain introduced the Tech-Enabled Choice program while CEO to help clients and partners meet their strategic business goals, and to manage the healthcare cost curve through consumerism, decision support, wellness programs and active steerage of their employees.
I am satisfied that Michael Foley will assume liability for his second operation since joining Telenor Group and that Irfan Wahab Khan will take the steerage at Telenor Pakistan.
on steerage with three or was it six dollars sewn into his vest and he
The propulsion, steerage, stability systems, and associated engineering that will enable the yacht's unique capabilities were developed specifically for the vessel.
He didn't climb up out of steerage with all his potatoes in a single suitcase.
America is launched - the first Cunard intermediate liner built to carry a large number of steerage passengers.