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Synonyms for steepness

the property possessed by a slope that is very steep

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In unpublished experiments, the researchers have returned to solids, gauging friction by the steepness at which a test block begins to slide down an incline.
Laser vision correction is not a one-size-fits-all treatment, and yet all LASIK technologies approved before the ALLEGRETTO WAVE did not take into account the steepness of each individual's corneal curvature so people with different curvatures received the same treatment," says Gregory J.
JUSTIFICATION: The steepness of the slope, its composition (decomposed granite which is highly susceptible to erosion), and the limited erosion control provided by the existing vegetation, all contribute to the need to constantly remove debris from the sidewalk.
The steepness of the stands within the Stade Communal has also led to fears that evacuation would be impossible if violence were to break out.
Not only are they extremely narrow with severe exposure and rocky granite outcroppings, many switch back sharply and can climb as much as a thousand feet in a mile - a standard to gauge extreme steepness.
The facility currently houses about 550 college students on a site with some malfunctions due to mismanagement of steepness (over 20 m elevation) and burst activities in several buildings.
It's a very intimidating climb because of its steepness and the overhang.
A judge last year lifted the city's stop-work order on the grading issued after residents complained about the dangers of the road's steepness.
Now, a study in the January Geology depicts a striking variation in the steepness and shape of the continental slope around the United States.
The INTRALASE FS laser enables surgeons to precisely create a pocket into which an intrastromal ring segment is inserted to correct for the steepness and flatten the cornea.
Minimizing the steepness of the trail is an important component reducing future trail maintenance and making the trail accessible to a larger group of trail users.
Before developers finished grading the road, residents began complaining to the council that the road's steepness was unsafe.
Three of the mountains are rated "out of category" on a scale measuring height, distance and steepness.
Image pairs can reveal the steepness of a volcanic mountain or the depth of an impact crater.
However, given the unprecedented breadth, depth and steepness of the current downturn, our customers are rapidly implementing significant cost cutting measures, including a slowdown in design releases especially at the trailing edge.