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having very steep sides

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EASDALE SLATE QUARRIES, Firth of Lorn Magical old steep-sided slate quarries now filled with Mediterranean-blue sea water, on the beautiful car-free island of Easdale, are a magnificent place for wild swimming.
This is an open, rolling, expansive landscape with steep-sided narrow dry valleys, superb vistas from the north- and west-facing scarps, and a long-distance footpath (the Wolds Way), and is surrounded by small market towns, including the self-styled Capital of the Wolds--Driffield.
BBC reporter Michael Bristow said he saw about 2,000 people streaming out of the narrow, steep-sided valley surrounding the town of Beichuan in Sichuan Province.
The breccia pipes are exposed along steep-sided fault scarps and canyons which initially required collectors to hang from ropes in order to collect.
Heatseeker is a lot of fun, but what wouldn't I give to have some steep-sided canyons to blast through.
Traveling with Inuit dog teams over traditional hunting paths, up frozen rivers, through steep-sided fjords, over glaciers and ice caps, and across the sea ice, Steger and his team are visiting some of the most remote Inuit villages of the world, listening to and documenting the Inuit's experience with climate change.
Climbing "over the lava till we come to a steep-sided hollow," they entered "first into a ragged sort of porch, and then into a regular vaulted hall" from whence ran a long dark passage (Journals 66).
The garden, which is the creation of plantswoman Wendy Dare, surrounds an ancient Cotswold stone water mill set in a tiny, steep-sided valley.
Steep-sided, wooded valleys, with views over the mouth of the Dee Estuary
sheets of DuPont's Teflon FEP into sheets of steep-sided bumps that were then die-cut into tiny insulating sleeves for pacemaker batteries.
We picked our way up steep-sided ravines, over high ridge tops, through long valleys perforated with the burrows of ground squirrels.
Musselwhite of NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, contend that carbon dioxide gas from the Martian atmosphere seeps into the pores of rocks on the steep-sided cliffs and condenses there into ice during winter.
US Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld says Bin Laden might be able to flee aboard a low-flying helicopter in Afghanistan's steep-sided valleys, or even leave by horse, mule or foot.
Llyn Brianne Reservoir - 20 miles south of the better-known reservoirs of the Elan Valley, which supplies Birmingham's water - is so beautiful with steep-sided hills plunging down to the deep water.
The stadium has been blasted as a death-trap because of its steep-sided terraces.