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a portable balance consisting of a pivoted bar with arms of unequal length

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The steelyards bordering the Tees supplied material for Sydney Harbour Bridge, famous Tyneside shipyards produced, among others, HMS Ark Royal, and the Wear was once the shipbuilding capital of the world.
Coburn built the Steelyards, a successful development adjacent to the proposed Transit Village and the only residential offering in the area.
This time round, the steelyards of Sheffield have been swapped for the shipyards of Glasgow, while stripping is replaced by swimming.
Salter Housewares began in the late 1700s in the village of Bilston, England, when a spring maker, Richard Salter, began making pocket steelyards, a scale similar to the fisherman's scale of today.
The business was opportunistic: when legislation was brought in to deal with the clipping of gold coins, coin scales, steelyards, and balances were suddenly in demand, and sold by the thousand, by George Adams Jr.
Many kinds of steel in various stock shapes (rods, bars, angles, sheets, hardened nails and bolts) can be found in hardware stores and steelyards. The way they were formed, whether cold rolled or hot rolled, influences how they will wear and other characteristics.
Black and Mexican workers fought discrimination within unions and without, from Chicago steelyards to California sweatshops.