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The battle over Corus, an Anglo-Dutch steel company, between an Indian and Brazilian company reflects the global merger binge that has moved the steel industry from a Wall Street pariah to a sector of great interest in the mergers and acquisition community.
Anderson points out that if diesel engines grow in popularity for light vehicles, then the number of forged steel crankshafts will grow accordingly, as the higher compression ratios of that type of engine necessitates the use of steel cranks.
Hot rolled steel offered many design benefits over wood.
Gerdau also expanded its presence into a fifth South American country by agreeing in December 2004 to pay $77 million in debt and equity for control of two Colombian steel makers, Diaco and Siderurgica del Pacifico from their major shareholders, The Latin American Enterprise Steel Holding, a Miami venture capital fund, and Grupo Mayaguez in Cali, Colombia.
Yes, foreign companies subsidized by their governments do sell steel at rates lower than which they would otherwise be able.
Steel cast components often are overlooked in the construction of new buildings.
The rest of the developed world has accepted the pain of dragging an old industry into a new age by biting the steel bullet.
Examination of failed laboratory specimens of brass plated steel cord embedded in rubber occasionally exhibited bare steel cord with a brassy or steely color and the rubber compound stripped from that cord exhibited a glossy multicolored film on the failed rubber surface.
steel industry can supply only 75 to 80 percent of total demand, so imports are not optional, they're a necessity.
There is no clear economic reason to single out the steel industry as a candidate for special protection from foreign competition.
Steel twice glimpses Kennedy as a senator in conflict with himself about his partner and rival in liberal Democratic politics, LBJ.
That humble, street-band instrument would evolve into the modern Caribbean steel drum, or steelpan, loved around the world for its bright, shimmering tones.
A review of Chinese total production and capacity changes for both crude steel and finished steel during the period 2001-2005;
Has the steel industry--and not only the steel industry, but the integrated steel industry--become a growth industry?