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Synonyms for steaming

filled with steam or emitting moisture in the form of vapor or mist


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(used of heat) extremely


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Steam packaging has a double-layered film that does not interfere with the food whilst steaming.
Compared to normal steaming at 100[degrees]C, the pressure steaming at 150[degrees]C reduced twist by over 25 percent, but there was no additional twist reduction from extending the pressure steaming duration from 0.
We tried cryogenics, burning the paint off, and steaming it off before we developed this," he says.
The rice (or other food) steams above the reservoir in a covered perforated steaming basket.
Also, steam generators allow vertical steaming for hanging clothes, draperies, upholstery and so on.
The notion that colds improve with steam treatment may have originated with the traditional steaming cup of chicken soup, say some cold experts.
Total[TM] HD-60 One Easy-to-Use Machine: One step cleaning: sweeping & steaming in one product simultaneously or independently.
In all cases the steam exhaust valve opens as soon as the preset steaming time has elapsed.
You can use equipment that is specifically designed for steaming puddings, such as a pudding mold (a deep cylindrical mold with a lid that attaches with small metal clips) or a glazed earthenware bowl called a pudding basin.
Thinner EPS cups and lower stacking height are possible with a new mold-filling and steaming system from Thermoware EPS Machinery b.
In late April, the Company intends to start the construction and connection of dedicated steam lines and holding tank feed-lines to the most productive wells that have shown the best return from steaming operations.
Niemann also showed that molding at three steaming pressures produced patterns with different degrees of fusion.
The field, previously producing only 20 to 25 barrels per day prior to the steam program, has more than doubled its production from a single steaming cycle on one well.
Because the veil is made of nylon, it will eventually require only minimal steaming.