steam locomotive

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a locomotive powered by a steam engine

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The visiting pair will be joined by the oldest working steam locomotive constructed in Newcastle, 1891-built Twizell, which was delivered by Robert Stephenson & Co to James Joicey's colliery empire in the Beamish area of County Durham.
Over time, I stopped seeing those steam locomotives.
With further locomotives and railway artefacts available as a result of the Beeching Axe, supporters established the Standard Gauge Stream Trust as a registered charity, to preserve and demonstrate the steam locomotives.
On 3 July 1938, an A4 4468 Mallard engine broke the speed record for steam locomotives, reaching 126mph.
Susan", a sentinel steam locomotive, was built in the 1952 and ran in the east Midlands.
It was felt by all that any steam locomotive boilers could be built in accordance with the current Section I, Rules for Construction of Power Boilers, and that is where matters have stood until 2015.
The roundhouse was an ingenious way to turn a train around, particularly a steam locomotive, which was designed to operate most efficiently moving forward, not in reverse.
GET A GREAT MIRROR BOOKS MONEY-OFF DEAL Steam Railways (Britain in Pictures) Even today, more than 50 years after the last scheduled service was hauled by a steam locomotive in Britain, many people's abiding image of rail travel comes from that age of steam.
18 ( ANI ): The first steam locomotive to run on the London Underground in more than 100 years pulled into Baker Street station in London.
WORK to restore the legendary Flying Scotsman steam locomotive to passenger service has been delayed after cracks were found in its chassis.
The steam locomotive was dubbed the Little Rock Express after the Little Rock area won the right to display the engine as part of UP's Great Excursion Adventure: You Route the Steam contest.
The other two are the Class C62 steam locomotive and the Class 955 experimental shinkansen bullet train.
Lohani, once director of India's National Rail Museum and who piloted the historic run of the Fairy Queen, an 1855 steam locomotive recognised by Guinness World Records as the world's oldest working locomotive, is hardly alone in his passion.
Originally published in hardback in 2007, the text is now made available in paperback with this new edition, and will appeal to readers interested in the development of the steam locomotive in the 20th century and the career of British locomotive designer, Oliver Bulleid.