steam line

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a pipe conducting steam


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The project replaced 11,000 LF of 40-60 year old steam lines that serviced 21 Federal buildings throughout Washington DC.
The Steam Line Trail and Park will be closed during the excavation and work to seal off the plant, Ms.
Some are already mounted on cement pedestals but require mechanical work and connection to a steam line from the boiler.
Sears said it will be the next company to climb aboard the steam bandwagon in the white goods category by adding a new steam line to its Kenmore laundry offering.
Some plans required drastic measures such as switching large-scale chillers to emergency diesel generators, or to steam power from the steam line that runs underground below 96th street.
Among attractions for this summer are murder mystery trips on the scenic steam line.
The insured contractor, Linbach, had been hired to install an underground steam line at Howard University.
JUNE 2000: 18-inch steam line fractures, blowing earth, insulation material and chunks of metal across a public road.
Initial temperature readings taken showed a reduction of steam line surface temperature from 160C (320F) down to 80C (176F) with an approximate 3 millimeter application.
Industrial Rock Wool For Steam Line ,Pipe Section 4" Diameter(Nb) X 40 Mm Thick X 1 Meter Length,Density - 100 Kg/Cu.
Then s he moves on to Paignton, the stunning steam line to Kingswear.
The drip pocket removes condensate from the steam line, preventing condensate from passing through the valve.
His van was pushed 200 yards along the Severn Valley Railway, a privately-run steam line, between Arley and Highley, on August 16 this year.
The Aln Valley Railway Trust, which aims to reconnect Alnwick to Alnmouth on the coast via a heritage steam line, last night lost its bid to turn Station Cottages at Hipsburn into self-catering units, a workshop and a bunkhouse for cyclists.
A WOMAN who shares her name with a railway bridge on a historic steam line is set to help re-open the structure after repairs.