steam fitting

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care (installation and maintenance) of equipment for ventilating or heating or refrigerating

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EH Wachs has grown from a company that originally provided steam fitting and general millwork on boiler plants in Chicago in the late 1800s to a company recognized throughout the world for its quality machine products and outstanding customer service.
He attended local schools and Cole Trade High School where he took up plumbing and steam fitting.
The American Contracting division services, installs and takes care of all heating, plumbing and piping needs, including steam fitting and service.
Started as steam fitters, the company, which has 20 employees, later became wholesalers of pipe, steam fittings and tools.
Once the pull is completed, temporary steam fittings are installed on both ends of the liner.
He was managing director of the former Birmingham water and steam fittings company Ackerman & Jeavons, which became A&J Gummers after the Pentos buyout.
You'll scrape paint, clean pipes and steam fittings, do carpentry.