steam chest

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the chamber from which steam is distributed to a cylinder

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At time 20 sec, the pressure in the steam chest molding cavity, [P.
During purge, the pressure inside the steam chest is typically 1.
Cast-iron ejectors have four basic parts: steam chest, nozzle, suction head and diffuser.
Typical among the many components that make up Elliott's steam turbines are steam chest assemblies, nozzles, bearings and bearing housings, rotors, covers, exhausts, ends, rings, and steam ends.
It has a cover called the steam chest cover, which is securely bolted in place.
The Creep-FatiguePro system monitors the turbine rotor, casing, and steam chest, as well as the boiler outlet headers, and main and hot reheat system.
an over-filled cylinder of uranium fluoride gas being heated in steam chest suddenly ruptures, sending a cloud of toxic smoke boiling into the air.
GECET is processed via steam chest molding, which is similar to molding of expandable polystyrene, but at higher temperature and pressure.
He also had a true 1895 Harrison Jumbo, complete with the trademark elephant cast on the steam chest.