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Synonyms for steamer

a cooking utensil that can be used to cook food by steaming it

a ship powered by one or more steam engines

an edible clam with thin oval-shaped shell found in coastal regions of the United States and Europe

travel by means of steam power

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The initiative towards the Steam Box, especially SteamOS, seems like a big push for PC gaming on Valve's part.
Newell also said the company is still working on the final features and design of the Steam Box controller.
Antley has known the feeling of getting out of a steam box, riding a race, and not being able to stop the sweating because his body is in shock.
This includes new controls for the machine's individual drive sys-tems, a steam box with automatic profile control, a threading system, the lubrication and steam and condensate systems, electrical drives, basic and detail engineering and electromechanical assembly, along with all the nec-essary training and commissioning services.
Steaming with a condensate-free steam box is also available and it has easy access to all machine components.
However, the Steam Box may not actually be a product but rather a concept so that other hardware manufacturers can start making living room friendly PCs as well.
com/apple-biggest-threat-steam-box-not-console-makers-valves-gabe-newell-1052486) Valve's Steam Box ), and the traditional game consoles are also expected to release their next-generation platforms this year too.
Kemiart Liners has ordered Metso Automation's IQSteamPro steam box for its Kemi board mill's Number 1 production line.
In general the work consists of this project will replace two existing steam pits along Algoma Boulevard and 120 feet of existing steam box conduit.
The condensate-free steam box with compensation for different widths is available with corrosion-resistant version.
Though, having said that, if it looks like a Companion Cube, I'd pay almost anything for a Steam Box.
com/apple-biggest-threat-steam-box-not-console-makers-valves-gabe-newell-1052486) Steam Box from Valve , Apple needs to distance itself from its competitors with superior content.
Furthermore, in order to prevent the fabric from catching fire, the knitwear is guided via scroll roller into a steam box.