stealth bomber

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a bomber that is difficult to detect by radar

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The use of Stealth bombers in the war against Yugoslavia should have marked a turning point in military engagements.
SUPER FLY: The daredevils line up for record attempt, right, and their Stealth bomber pattern, below BARCROFT MEDIA
But spirits quickly soared when spectators heard a roar and looked up to see probably the most recognisable aircraft in the world, the US Airforce's B-2 Spirit, known as the Stealth bomber, cross the sky escorted by four fighter jets.
Northrop Grumman designed the most recent stealth bomber the Air Force bought in the 1990s, the B-2.
The US Air Force will get its first look at a faster, more affordable way to replace obsolete avionics on the B-2 stealth bomber under a contract awarded last August to Northrop Grumman Corp.
B-2 stealth bomber on Thursday conducted a bombing drill in South Korea amid heightened tensions on the Korean Peninsula, according to Yonhap News Agency.
The youthful leader argued that the stealth bomber flights went beyond a simple demonstration of force and amounted to a US "ultimatum that they will ignite a nuclear war at any cost".
A team of 71 parachutists look like they've made a human version of a stealth bomber as they sweep across the sky at 14,500ft.
Unless, of course, he thought it was a Stealth Bomber Air Show.
THE realities of the current war in Afghanistan were brought home to South Wales with reported sightings of an American B-2 Stealth bomber flying over the area early today.
k may be a nightmare for enemy operators to detect and track the Air-Force's B2 stealth bomber, but the airplane's radar-scattering and absorbing coatings are a nightmare for Air Force ground crews to maintain.
troops in Europe by 100,000, canceling the Stealth bomber and halving funds for the Strategic Defense Initiative.
The Pentagon's new budget proposal gives the Air Force the green light to begin designing a new stealth bomber with a target date for starting production in the mid-2020s.
PLANE CRAZY: Protesters at RAF Fairford hold aloft a giant model stealth bomber