stealth aircraft

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an aircraft designed in accordance with technology that makes detection by radar difficult

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Since stealth aircraft carry all fuel and armament internally, the payload has to be reduced in weight or size.
The National Interest concluded, "Any claims that the F313 might be a stealth aircraft are laughable.
To stand a chance of suppressing S-300 systems without serious losses, would probably require US Navy EA-18G Growlers for brute-force jamming; RC-135U Combat Sent and RC-135V/W Rivet Joint aircraft for long-range signalling of intelligence and radar location; and F-22 Raptor and B-2 Spirit stealth aircraft for direct attacks.
The US RQ-170 Sentinel stealth aircraft was forced to land with minimal damage by the Iranian Army's electronic warfare unit.
As soon as the stealth aircraft maneuvers and shows some of its top or bottom area, it can be seen by any radar--and in combat, any plane that fails to maneuver dies quickly.
If money were no object then I'd talk the Americans into selling us the "real" stealth aircraft, the F-22.
Japan's decision comes at a time when the country sees a need to counter China and Russia, which are developing their own radar-evading stealth aircraft, government sources said.
The US RQ-170 is a mysterious and baffling phantom which the Americans admitted its existence in 2010; an unmanned spacecraft, stealth aircraft fitted with reconnaissance equipment, long-range operation capabilities and highly sensitive cameras.
Therefore, his budget proposes the creation of an Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA)-Education, modeled on the success of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), which played a critical role in the development of the Internet, robotics, and stealth aircraft.
We knew that they were working on the stealth aircraft, I think what we've seen is that they may be somewhat further head in the development of that aircraft than our intelligence had earlier predicted,'' he said.
Indeed, stealth aircraft have maintained the overwhelming advantage in recent conflicts, including Operation Allied Force and the invasion of Iraq in 2003.
8 billion to settle a nearly two-decade dispute over the cancellation of a Navy contract for a stealth aircraft, the U.
Ex-MoD official Nick Pope said: "It was beyond the modern stealth aircraft being trialled.
The F-35 is a next-generation, supersonic, stealth aircraft designed to replace the American AV-8B Harrier, A-10, F-16 and F/A-18 Hornet and the United Kingdom's Harrier GR-7 and Sea Harrier.
The Chinese spy case, combined with the former Northrop engineer that betrayed information about stealth aircraft, combined to cost the American taxpayer .