steady down

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become settled or established and stable in one's residence or life style

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Right-back Williams has been a major hit, his strong, no-nonsense style in defence helping City steady down, while O'Neil played his first full 90 minutes at Burnley in midweek.
However, Doyle helped steady Down with his third point.
Carlow struggled through the opening 20 minutes of the second half as Down moved into a 1-16 to 0-12 lead, but a Mark Carpenter goal 10 minutes from the end hauled Carlow back into contention, but it was substitute Liam Doyle who helped steady Down with his third point, having been introduced for the second half.
11) The tower she was describing is the middle-class birth and expensive education of nineteenth-century writers and their inheritors; that tower was steady down to August 1914.
It took B&S at least a quarter of the game to steady down after that, but they were losing 6-7 at half time, did not get in front until the last quarter and there were only eight minutes of proper time remaining when they scored their only try.
With a government five-star crash safety rating(1), Borrego provides the same high level of standard safety equipment as all Kia vehicles, as well as a standard back-up warning system with ultrasonic sensors, Hill Start Assist Control (HAC), which helps prevent the vehicle from rolling backward when trying to pull away from an uphill gradient, as well as Downhill Brake Control (DBC), which helps keep the vehicle moving straight and steady down steep grades.
The company's share price has been in a steady down trend for the last 12 months, dropping from over $117 to its current price of just over $70.
Borrego also offers downhill assist control (DAC), which keeps the vehicle moving straight and steady down steep grades and helps to keep the wheels from locking, as well as hill assist control (HAC), which helps the driver move up steep inclines without fishtailing or allows the vehicle to stop uphill without sliding backward.