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with resolute determination

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She was gazing at him steadfastly now, with parted lips.
She looked at her questioner quite steadfastly, quite quietly, speechlessly.
French Frank was in love with her, though I did not know it at the time; and she steadfastly refused to marry him.
Yet the Reformation was stirring all the world, and while Sir Thomas More cheerfully and steadfastly died for the Catholic faith, there were others in England who as cheerfully lived, worked, and died for the Protestant faith.
said the barber; and then looking very steadfastly at Jones, he said, with great gravity, and with a seeming surprize, as if he had recollected a face he had seen before, "Sir, may I crave the favour to know if your name is not Jones?
In a statement, he said we will continue to steadfastly stand by them until the resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute in accordance with the UN Security Council resolutions and the wishes of the Kashmiri people.
Some Scotland Yard officers steadfastly refused to investigate hacking, accepting nonsensical assurances that these were isolated incidents.
Summary: London - Morocco's tourism sector continues to grow steadfastly despite the global economic and financial which had a noticeable impact on world travel market, Tourism Minister said.
Jol steadfastly refuses to comment on speculation linking the club with another bid for England winger Downing and instead chose to praise the work of Tainio as a makeshift left winger.
Butler -- who steadfastly maintained during his team's dreadful 7-17 start that his emphasis was on development, not winning - is sticking to his convictions with the team on course to go from worst to first.
QD soda has been an outstanding success, but Davis, ignoring repeated pleas from Lydia, steadfastly claims that he dreamed up the recipe himself.
We have steadfastly followed this singular purpose as each successive war has come and gone.
This latest release finds them daring to remain steadfastly themselves, never once apologizing for their idiosyncratic Englishness or their refusal to leave behind the year 1966, with lyrics about middle-aged moms parking strollers in front of Sainsbury's grocery store and dreaming of the past as their old 45s get dusty.
A clear, steadfastly faithful, and highly recommended guide for Christian expectant mothers.
The NNSA has steadfastly refused to request funds from Congress to conduct research in the U.