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be loyal to one another, especially in times of trouble

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Like your reader, we wouldn't have tried to stay together if it hadn't have been for the baby.
We win and lose as a team; we need to stay together, keep fighting and keep working for each other.
Let's Stay Together says more than 50,000 people have put their names to the letter ahead of the September 18 referendum.
Statistical analysis of these relationships showed that the likelihood of a couple breaking up was independent of how well or poorly they handled or resolved these disagreements, and teens that were capable of better resolution were not more likely to stay together over time.
26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- BET Networks brings stories filled with LOLs coupled with scandal and shocking revelations to spotlight the intricacies of relationships with the return of its two hit series: THE GAME and LET'S STAY TOGETHER .
Hudson, who was dressed in a form-fitting black gown, serenaded the couple at the Inaugural Ball, singing Al Green's classic, "Let's Stay Together.
The reason the FS Forum remains the forum for Florida's angler is due to the dedication of the members, moderators and the desire of the community to stay together," says Blair Wickstrom, Publisher of Florida Sportsman.
In an interview he said he thinks families who stay together should be rewarded rather than punished.
How do some people struggle to stay together a year while others stay together a century?
CDATA[ IDF offers a new track for female religious enlistees: serve in groups of six or more, stay together till end of service.
Speaking at a two-day meeting of the governing body of the Church in Wales yesterday, Archbishop Barry Morgan said mothers and fathers should not stay together at "all costs", adding that high levels of abuse and conflict between couples were more damaging than separation.
Q I'VE been with my girlfriend for a year now but we went through a rough patch just before Christmas and since then I've been having doubts about whether we can stay together.
But Justin Creed, of Leamington-based Wright Hassall, has identified a new trend caused by plummeting personal wealth and the decline in the property market, which is forcing couples who may well have split up to stay together for longer.
The US soul legend called me yesterday from his Memphis home and I was treated to a long distance rendition of his 1972 classic, Let's Stay Together.
Boone uses humor, cartoons, questions, suggestions, and solutions through a thoroughly "reader friendly" narrative in addresses such commonly misleading ideas as marriage being a 50/50 proposition between husband and wife, being a married couple means losing individual identity, love is logical, only one of you needs to understand finances, having children will keep the marriage together, dysfunctional husbands and wives should stay together for the sake of their children, and so many more illusions, misunderstandings, naiveties, and fairytales about married life.