stay off

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refrain from entering or walking onto


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A club spokesman said: "The club would like to strongly remind all supporters to stay off the field of play following the events at Chesterfield.
Picking up on some of the other points in her column: generally, cyclists should stay off pavements unless the paved area in question is a dedicated cycle lane - eg, sections of Vauxhall Road or Myrtle Street.
Newcastle boss John Carver has urged his players to stay off social media
Demi-Lee said: "I drew a picture of a man and a woman running away from a building site to tell people to stay off them.
KUWAIT, May 11 (KUNA) -- The Kuwait Dive Team, affiliated to the Environmental Voluntary Foundation (EVF), warned sea goers, fishermen, and boats and ships owners on Sunday to stay off Kuwait Bay area due to ongoing constructional work to build Jaber Bridge project.
The Huddersfieldbased charity particularly wants the main culprits, men, to pledge to stay off alcohol.
Park wardens said young people in particular have been ignoring signs warning them to stay off the frozen waterways.
A high-wind advisory in effect on local freeways was expected to continue through the week, with the California Highway Patrol cautioning drivers of high-profile vehicles to stay off the road.
Virgin Atlantic Chairman Richard Branson has proposed that aircraft engines stay off until the planes are ready for takeoff to reduce pollution, The New York Times editorial board writes.
While 11 of 14 patients were able to remain off treatment for as long as 90 days (with viral load under 5,000, an arbitrary level based on the treatment guidelines in use when the study started), only 3 of the 14 could stay off treatment entirely for as long as two years.
Marga Man becomes a father figure to the young men and encourages them to stay off the streets and develop their talent and love for hip-hop music.
Nate struggles to stay off drugs while he watches Georgie destroy herself with any substance she can get her hands on.
This strip permanently displaces birds by applying a powerful yet non-lethal shock, thereby training the birds to stay off the building.
To hire a streetworker to help young adults (18 and 30 years of age) stay off the streets and live in rooming houses in the downtown Chicoutimi area.