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The Kadar stave mill is on the edge of the village with forest on two sides, so Kadar bought an 8-acre piece of the adjoining woodland and laid out a park-like setting with islands of trees, next to which the logs may rest for three to six months--and the stave wood longer.
Petiteaux purchases the stave wood in France and focuses on finding oak with both tight grain and exceptional grain structure.
The product is a mix of ellagitannin derived from stave wood and gallotannin from oak gall and is intended to provide a rich sweetness to the flavor and aroma of white or red wines.
American oak is unlikely to get cheaper any time soon due to the demand for whisky barrels and because the supply of stave wood is unlikely to increase much despite that demand.
Judd Johnson, editor of the trade publication Hardwood Market Report, said the American white oak logs used for stave wood are the "most premium quality" logs on the market, followed by those used for veneer and thick lumber.
In addition to Francois Freres and Seguin Moreau, Hall also purchases a small number of Taransaud Tonnellerie barrels but not stave wood because the cooper's ISO 9000 certification offers "impeccable wood provenance.
Caption: One of Toneleria Nacional's TCA inspection dogs sniffs stave wood.
American oak stave wood is in greater demand, partly because of the popularity of Bourbon and craft whiskies.
The cooper's "micro-perforation" process invo4ves a stainless steel roller being run over stave wood.
Rhys Vineyards purchases uncoopered stave wood that has been air-dried for four full years in Burgundy.
Instead they look at the individual trees, by analyzing the physical and chemical properties of the stave wood from those trees.
The third piece on barrels looks into the value of extra aging of stave wood.
Fashioned with tight-grained stave wood from the Vosges, Troncais and Allier forests, and favored by Burgundy and California winemakers for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, these woods impart the least volume of wood tannins.
The best method for drying the stave wood from the point of view of quality is to stack it out-of-doors and there to leave it in the wind, rain and sun for two or three years.
The second set of experiments were used to compare whole stave wood in a set of some 31 samples of oak.