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Cumhuriyet is a left-wing and staunchly secular daily which has had a critical view of the AK Party government's actions since the party came to power in 2002.
It is said that the Football Association of Wales officials were, and are, staunchly opposed to any Wales players taking part, even as a one-off at London 2012.
Britain remains staunchly committed to upholding the right of the Falkland Islanders to determine their own future.
Summary: France's Greens Wednesday hailed an opposition deal to campaign to reduce the country's reliance on atomic energy as a major break with France's staunchly pro-nuclear past.
The nation, the Governor said, is fully united and staunchly stands shoulder to shoulder to its security forces in their struggle to bring these anti-state and anti-Islam elements to justice.
Summary: Sepp Blatter has staunchly defended Real Madrid's world-record bid for Cristiano Ronaldo, comparing it to purchasing a Picasso painting.
THE City watchdog yesterday staunchly defended its supervision of the failed Dunfermline Building Society.
United's presentation party was led by the distinguished and respected Bobby Charlton, a staunchly one-club man who modestly declined to place a winner's medal around his neck.
that several devout Christians on the Dover board, "who so staunchly and proudly touted their religious convictions in public, would time and time again lie to cover their tracks and the real purpose behind the ID Policy.
They are staunchly orthodox in their outlook and have such wonderful guests and hosts such as Dr.
Even with diversity of modern metal bands, Celtic Frost remains sonically unique, and their staunchly non-conformist attitude doesn't feel contrived like the manufactured rebellion of today, when Sabbath gets criticized for mocking The President in a concert video for their classic anti-war song "War Pigs".
Throughout Iraq, "many Sunni Arab political and religious leaders once staunchly opposed to the American presence .
His New York, staunchly abolitionist parents named him Liberty and schooled him at home.
Christian televangelist the Reverend Jerry Falwell has made no secret of his staunchly antigay views, including on his slick Web site www.
In the wake of the Kennedy assassinations when the Democratic Party embraced urban-based gun-control advocates, conservatives within and outside the National Rifle Association transformed that organization from a nonpartisan hunting-safety group into a gun-rights powerhouse staunchly aligned with the GOP.